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Small Business Marketing Consultant

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Programmes and Services

I help small businesses to develop a marketing strategy, improve their marketing systems and processes so that they generate more and better leads online with less effort.

Marketing Strategy

A 2-hour virtual small business marketing strategy session to stress test your current approach. Let’s remove the guesswork, and create a 90-day marketing plan specific to your unique business

Marketing Training

I offer business development training for both individuals and teams. This is suitable if you are trying to establish a high performing marketing and sales mentality in your business.

Marketing Services

Virtual CMO Service (3-12 months) to improve your marketing systems and processes. Ideal for professional services firms turning over £250K-500K per year.

About Serkan Fidanci

Small Business Marketing Consultant

I help small businesses to simplify their marketing activities.

My typical clients are Managing Directors and Marketing & Sales Directors in small businesses with an annual turnover between £250k-£500k and employing 3-7 staff.

They are struggling to differentiate themselves from the competition by increasing their online visibility, all to attract clients and generate growth.

I offer strategy workshops and a virtual CMO service based on the knowledge I gathered over the last 4.5 years helping small businesses build marketing systems and processes to grow their business online.

Typically, my clients go from being overwhelmed to having a clear strategy on what, why, where and how to do to attract clients online and increase their market share within 6-12 months.

As you’d expect there is a process that helps you to develop an individual marketing strategy for your business and attract the right people in a highly focused and targeted way. All of that starts with a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual CMO?
Marketing is more than just setting up a Google or Facebook Ad Campaign. Most small businesses get overwhelmed and start trying to be on all channels. A Virtual CMO helps you to get clear on your strategy and focus on what matters to get results.
How Do I Know if a Marketing Strategy Session Is Right for Me?
Without a marketing strategy, you are at risk of planning measures ad hoc and randomly. And that can be expensive. Especially small and medium-sized businesses often don’t pay attention to develop a marketing strategy. The already tight budget is spent on measures that are not very effective and do not reach the target group. Usually, there is someone on the team who takes care of marketing measures operationally. That’s good!

  • But have you also clearly formulated marketing goals?
  • Do you know what your customers want and how to solve their problems better than the competition?
  • Do you measure the success of your marketing activities?
Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
My 2-hour marketing strategy sessions and half- or full-day marketing trainings are also ideal for individuals and startups. But my 3-12 months virtual CMO programmes are designed for established small businesses.
Do You Offer Done For You Marketing Services?
Yes, but only after we get the strategy right. The outcome of a strategy workshop is a 90-day game plan, which you can implement on your own or using my Virtual CMO Service.

Small Business Marketing Tips

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