Your offer is not selling? Here is why

Your offer is not selling? Here is why

You put your offer on your website and you are sure that it is the ideal solution for your prospects. And then nobody buys or shows the slightest interest.

Now you are wondering whether your offer is bad, you are not good enough, or your website is to blame. Before you take drastic steps, start by revising your offer. Specifically, how you describe your offer.

Here are 3 reasons why your offer does not sell and their solution.

1. You sell the plane, not the destination.

You describe too much the way and what your customers get from you, like 120 hours of video material, worksheets and checklists, a Facebook group, etc. Your prospects aren’t ready yet, because they haven’t understood what results you are bringing them.

A successful offer consists to 90% of the result and only to 10% of the way there. Use most of the time to describe what results your customers will see (the destination). Your offer should produce one main result and several smaller ones.

2. Your customers want to achieve a different goal than you sell them

As a professional, you know exactly what your customers need. As a personal trainer, you know that your customers have to exercise 5 times a week and eat a healthy and basic diet to lose weight. Your customers want a six-pack if they’re men. And a flat stomach and slender legs if it’s women. This is their greatest wish and not healthy weight loss.

The solution:

Sell your customers what they want and teach them what they need. Take care of the title and the hanger of your offer to address the deepest wish of your customer. Then teach what your customers really need to know to get there.

If you’re not 100% sure what your customers want, do a survey of those who didn’t buy. Find out why they didn’t buy, what was missing or what it should have been like.

3. Lack of Social Proof

Your customers don’t know if your offer is trustworthy. Only when other people have approved you, your potential client will be convinced.

Your prospect thinks: If someone like me has achieved what I want, then I can do it.

The solution: References or case studies of your customers are the fastest way to more credibility. Accept a few test customers and ask them to give a reference after successful completion.

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