Why the number of your Social Media Fans doesn’t matter

You dream of a business where you do what you love and earn really well.

Maybe you even dream of a big 6-figure income? But..

Your enthusiasm turns to frustration. If you look around, you’ll see big names in your industry. You see people with 20,000 Facebook fans. Colleagues speaking at conferences. Colleagues that are present everywhere and that everyone knows.

How are you ever gonna get there? You’re wondering if you need tens of thousands of fans on Facebook. Do you have to be so well-known that you can fill halls to earn good money?

You don’t really want to be famous. You want to do a good job and earn well.


The online marketing world shows you that the bigger the number, the better: There are tips on how to win 10,000 Instagram followers or 20,000 YouTube subscribers.

That shouldn’t be your focus.

What counts is quality. Not all fans are the same. What these “marketing experts” don’t say is how many of these fans are actually customers.

That’s why I don’t care about my Facebook fans or Instagram/Twitter followers. I measure my business success by sales.

What you need are super fans

1000 fans, who enthusiastically buy everything you bring out, are enough for a successful business. And if a thousand sounds a lot, don’t worry. You may only need 100 or 50. The 1000 True Fans concept is from Kevin Kelly, by the way.

Here’s the calculation:

That’s how you get a turnover of 100,000 pounds:

  • 1000 superfans spend 100 pounds a year on your products and services.
  • 250 superfans leave 400 pounds a year on your products and services.
  • 50 superfans leave 2000 pounds a year on your products and services.

Does that sound feasible? Do you want to earn more than 100.000 pounds? So do I. Just change the model. If you charge premium prices (and you should!), you need fewer superfans.


If you satisfy 50, 250 or 1000 people, they’ll probably buy again.

It is always easier to sell something new to an existing customer than to find a new one.
These superfans will become your best marketing asset. Because they’ll bring you new fans who also have what it takes to be superfans.

People who come by recommendation are just as kind to you and become customers faster. Don’t let the thought stop you, you must become a celebrity online, so that you earn well. Don’t care about big fan or follower numbers. Focus on winning enthusiastic customers.


1 Start with a target group

To find your 1000/250/50 superfans, focus on a niche. Try not to please everyone or “serve everyone”. Choose a target group that is clearly demographically defined.

If you’re coach, you’re gonna wrinkle your forehead. Because you want to help everyone. I see.

The shortest way to become a real superfan is to focus on ONE group and think about how best to help the people in that group.

Your marketing is so much easier if you are “Coach for men in the midlife crisis” instead of “Coach for professionals”.

Where do you find professionals? What’s the difference? What do a 20-year-old young professional have in common with a 60-year-old man about to retire? Exactly. Pretty much nothing.

2 Find out what results your customers want.

So that your customers are absolutely enthusiastic about you, you have to get them results.

Results are the only thing that counts for your customer. Your customer wants to solve his problem, fulfill a dream, overcome an obstacle, live a better life.

Talk to your customers to find out what they dream of and what their biggest hurdle is to achieve their dream. Gather your insights in your desired customer profile.

Then sit down and write a reference from your client’s point of view. Write from the point of view of a customer who is happy with you and your work. Swarm in the highest notes and be detailed in what you write down.

3 Define concrete results for your client, then do everything you can to achieve them.

Now you know exactly what your customers want.

The more you focus on the benefits for your customers, the faster you will grow and increase your sales.

Structure your consulting or online course to deliver concrete results for your clients.

These results are your measure of success. Only with concrete figures can you tell if what you are doing is really good.

Not all of your customers will achieve these results. But if you make a concrete result your task, your work will be better.

Here are a few examples:

  • At least 50% more turnover through your marketing consultancy
  • Lose 10 kg permanently
  • Finding the job that fits and is a big step forward
  • Save the wobbly relationship and stay happy together
  • Separate and build a full life as a single person
  • Can retrieve the dog, even from a distance of 50 metres
  • 4 Show the results of your customers

Getting references should be at the top of your to-do list. References from enthusiastic customers are the best sales tool you can use.

Make sure your testimonials sell!

Testimonials grab your prospects emotionally because they recognize themselves in the problems and results mentioned.

If you ask for a testimonial, ask your customers,

  • what their problem was before and how they felt.
  • why they booked your offer
  • the concrete and tangible results they have achieved
  • who they would recommend your offer to

This will give you a detailed text that you can shorten to the most important points. Be careful not to change the language of your customers so that it remains authentic.

Be proud and show your testimonials wherever they fit. This can be on your over-me page, your offer page, in the newsletter or on Facebook. If you want to go one step further, ask your customers for video references.

Now it’s your turn. How many super fans do you need to reach your next sales target? Then strive to become THE BEST in your niche and create enormous benefits for your customers. Then the turnover comes (almost) by itself.

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