At this point, I am no longer offering Local SEO Consulting Services. Thanks for your understanding!

Grow your revenue with Local SEO

Local SEO makes sense to increase the presence in search queries with local relevance. Especially for small businesses with a regional or local focus, but also for larger companies with branch stores in individual cities. This can attract more users and ultimately customers from the region to your website, generate more booking requests, and make your business better known online and offline in your city.

The use of smartphones continues to increase this trend. Who hasn’t experienced this? When you are in a foreign city, you quickly search for a hotel, restaurant or bar nearby. Local Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your company is found rapidly and well for such inquiries in your city.

Of course, this also applies to other local service providers, such as real estate agents, financial service providers and many more. After all, they live off local clientele and have to gear their marketing to these local users.

The advantages of Local SEO for you as a local business:

  • Higher visibility of your business in local search results.
  • Increase brand awareness among potential customers in the region.
  • Increase your business success by additional inquiries to your sales pipeline.

Through my Local SEO Consulting experience, I have already brought numerous Local SEO projects to success. Optimizing your website and Google My Business Listing can get you the maximum visibility of your business in search results.

I am not offering my Local SEO Consulting Services anymore since I have closed my freelance business. But if you want to do SEO yourself, this Local SEO Guide might help.