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An AdWords Expert assures the functionality and profitability of your campaigns. But how can you avoid getting ripped off by your agency or freelancer?

No doubt: Outsourcing the management of your AdWords campaigns has a lot of benefits. On the one hand it offers more certainty that nothing goes wrong and that the budget is spent as efficiently as possible to reach out to potential customers. On the other hand you have more time to take care of your daily tasks and responsibilities as a business owner.

But how do you know exactly if your AdWords Manager does his/her job well? Without trying to make this into a sales pitch, I have outlined below some tasks I go through when I optimize an AdWords Account:

  • Keywords: Are there any search terms which should be excluded or are there new lucrative keywords to include?
  • Bidding: Bid adjustments may be necessary depending on the performance or due to new competition.
  • Monitoring of Daily budgets: Are the adjusted daily budgets and incurred costs within the agreed scope – or would higher budgets attract more new customers and more revenue?
  • Ad Copy: Is there anything to improve on the ads? Or should new ad texts be created – What about ad extensions?
  • Campaign Settings: Do the campaign settings still match with our goals or what has to be changed?
  • New functions and features: Are there any new changes coming to AdWords and should we test/use that for our campaigns?

Important note: All actions in your AdWords Account will be tracked in the change history. So you can check quickly which optimization tasks are executed by your agency. Here is an explanation how you can see your account history.

Proactive management & consulting

But there are also some points which I recommend to check in certain intervals. For example:

  • Landing Page Optimization: Can recommendations for the landing pages be derived from the campaign performance? This includes the Value Proposition, if you test different messages in your ad copy.
  • Networks & Channel-Mix: Does it make sense to use additional advertising channels or to expand the existing channels? For example, to make more impact on using remarketing?