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Google AdWords Coaching & Training

Let's achieve your marketing goals together!

Are you new to Google AdWords or want to run your existing paid search campaign more profitable? A Coaching Session can help you to increase your knowledge about AdWords optimisation. Working with an expert who has helped businesses to generate more leads and sales for 4 years will ensure that you create more cost-efficient campaigns.

Three reasons why AdWords Coaching is essential for you

There are many benefits to expand and deepen your knowledge about Google AdWords. For example:

  • Optimizing your campaigns will bring more leads and sales to your business with less spend.
  • Expanding and deepening your knowledge will give you more security that you are not wasting money.
  • You will learn to identify quick wins so that you and your staff can concentrate on tasks that are most suitable for them

There are two options for you. A 90-minute AdWords Coaching Session for Beginners like Freelancers, Coaches, Consultants or Small Businesses. Or a more intensive package for established Service Businesses who are investing at least 1000 GBP per month in Google AdWords and want to scale their efforts.

Are you making one of these 5 common AdWords mistakes? Let’s chat!


Optimized Google AdWords Search Campaigns in 90 minutes

Get individual expert support to generate more leads and sales for your products and services cost-effectively.

How does it work?
In an initial chat (20-30 minutes), I get to know you and your business better. Here you also give me access to your AdWords account, so that I can get a picture of your current situation.

In the training session, we really go into depth on 1 or 2 of your most pressing AdWords questions. After our interview, you will receive a written summary of my tips and recommendations so that you can start implementing it right away. I am also available to answer your questions via e-mail for 7 days.

This package is ideal for Beginners who:

  • have a budget less than 500 GBP per month
  • want to create a profitable AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)
  • or fine-tune their campaigns

Frequently asked questions in these sessions are:
✔ How do I choose the right campaign settings?
✔ Which Keywords Match Types should I use?
✔ How do I write Great Ad Copy?
✔ How much should I spend on AdWords?

What you will get:

✔ 1 x 90 minutes of AdWords consultation
✔ Written summary of the topics discussed, including my tips and recommendations
✔ 7 days e-mail support around the discussed topics

Let’s turn your ideas and goals into an AdWords campaign that really works for your business!


Individual coaching package to become a better marketer

With this package, you get the training session (see above) and in addition to that my energetic support for the implementation of the recommendations in 4 DEEP-DIVE sessions of 60 minutes each.

You decide how we should use the DEEP-DIVE sessions so that you can get the best results for your business.

So far I have worked with my customers on the following topics:

✔ Building a granular campaign structure to increase CTR and drop cost per click through personalized ad copy
✔ Find top winning Keywords to generate more leads and sales with the same budget
✔ Smart Bidding Strategies with the help of Artificial Intelligence
✔ Unexplored Potentials like Ad Extensions or Bid Adjustments for Devices
✔ Personalized Remarketing Campaigns based on User Behaviour
✔ Measurement of Soft Conversions like Newsletter Sign Ups or PDF Downloads
✔ Review of your landing pages and online sales funnels to improve conversion rates

What you will get:

✔ Everything from the ADWORDS POWER SESSION package (see above)
✔ Plus 4 x 60 minutes DEEP-DIVE sessions (Must take place within 8 weeks)

Let’s identify wasted Ad Spend and point out Quick Wins to scale your efforts!