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Google AdWords Audit

Get more leads and sales for less ad spend.

Many companies could get even more out of their AdWords and Bing campaigns. Often, only a few effective steps are sufficient to increase your return on the invested advertising budget. As a certified agency for Google AdWords, I know exactly where the most powerful levers for optimization are.

Get your Google AdWords Audit

Get my expert opinion on your AdWords campaigns and generate leads and sales even more profitably!

Detailed account analysis

My hand-made AdWords audit includes a detailed analysis of the account structure and performance, presented in an easy-to-understand way and with recommendations for action based on it.

To do this, I look at all levels of your account thoroughly: from the campaign structure with all campaign settings, to the ad texts and your keywords.

The audit also includes inspection points such as quality factors and the correct implementation of conversion tracking. You will receive a PDF document and can start optimizing right away. I would be happy to support you in this.

And if you want, I can show you how to get even more out of your campaigns after the audit in a workshop. Alternatively, I take over the AdWords campaign management.