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Google Ads Management Services

According to Google, a business that spends $1 on Google Ads, receives $8 in profit through Google Search and Ads. Whether Google Search or Display: As your Google Ads Expert, I will take care of all the tasks involved in running a successful campaign.

I analyse the structure and efficiency of your campaigns, together with the landing pages behind the ads, and identify optimization potential. It is important to me that your Google Ads campaigns align with your businesses goals. Goals can be for example:

  • Generate more leads/sales with the same budget
  • Increasing the CTR (click-through rate)
  • Increase profitability
  • More clicks with less investment
  • Gathering data to support your long-term SEO activities

Based on my experience of working with Google Ads, I developed a 4 step campaign optimisation process that helps my clients to get an uplift in their return on ad spend (ROAS) between 20% to 80%. My Google Ads Management Services are ideal for service-based businesses.

The optimisation process includes the following tasks:

  • A Campaign Audit to analyze the current approach
  • Build a Granular Campaign Structure for maximum ad relevance to the user’s search intention
  • Measurement of Micro and Macro Conversions like Newsletter Sign Ups and Bookings
  • Optimization based on the campaign data

This is an ongoing process that is repeated regularly.

Please be aware, that I am not offering my Google Ads Management and Local SEO Consulting Services anymore since I have closed my freelance business. But if you want to self-manage your Google Ads campaigns, this Google Ads Optimisation Checklist might help.