Good Marketing Starts Inhouse: 4 Tips for Small Business Marketers

Inhouse Marketing Team

Do you recognise that: The marketing department has created great sales materials, developed creative campaigns and prepared professional customer events, but nobody in the company knows about it? Here are some tips on how to change this.

1. Joint Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

It makes sense that all departments (sales, marketing, product development, etc.) pursue common goals in order to not create a diffuse external image and, of course, not to waste resources. Already at the annual planning stage, all departments should work together towards a common goal, and strategic planning should take place.

Important milestones are decided together, and all departments should be made aware of important events and basic strategies.

2. Creation of a Marketing Plan

The tactical/operative marketing plan serves the marketing team as a guideline for marketing activities but is also a great overview of all planned activities for all other departments. It is recommended that this plan is coordinated through regular meetings.

3. Internal Communication

The marketing team must ensure that all employees of the company, especially sales, office staff, customer service, and other employees with direct customer contact, are informed about current campaigns and measures. On the one hand, of course, there is a certain amount of responsibility. However, the marketing department is obliged to communicate the planned measures within the company and to make materials available to all important employees.

Creativity is called for here, and the marketing team is basically allowed to use all the tools it uses for customer communication:

  • Intranet platforms or internal blogs with news pages and currently available material
  • Internal newsletter with information on current campaigns and materials
  • The board at the coffee machine, which informs about all upcoming actions.

Avoid “spamming” colleagues with too much information. Keep it simple and short.

4. At Eye Level With Other Departments

Marketing still has an image problem in many companies and is degraded as a sales assistant who is not represented in important management meetings. But it is precisely in these meetings that current topics, campaigns, and measures can be discussed and linked with the work of other departments. In this way, everyone benefits – but, above all, the company as a whole benefits.


If an employee is not aware of the great marketing materials and promotions, he or she cannot use them. The marketing team must, therefore, ensure that every employee receives and can retrieve the information that is relevant and important for his or her work.

So good advertising already starts internally for the marketing team!