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The Best Digital Marketing Dashboard Tools in 2021

Digital Marketing Dashboard

A clean reporting as well as the evaluation of the collected data of paid ads campaigns are essential. Different stakeholders involved require different data as a basis for decision-making.

Ideally, a monthly report, i.e. a report on the current developments of the online advertisements placed, should be prepared. Whether it is for the executive floor, the head of department or for keeping an overview yourself.

The trick with reports, especially monthly reports, is that they are short and provide a general overview. In order to keep reports as short as possible, there are numerous KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which represent the most important features of a campaign. Digital marketing dashboard tools help to visualize these indicators in a comprehensible way. Let me introduce you to three of them:

1. Google Data Studio

Those who already use Google Analytics and Google Ads can look forward to the free digital marketing dashboard tool Google Data Studio. With this tool, creating reports is very easy. Sometimes there are even sample templates that you only have to feed with your own data.

No matter if single values, diagrams or tables: With Google Data Studio, visualization is a no-brainer. You can even relate the data to any comparison period in no time at all, with just a few clicks.

The integration of all conceivable Google services, such as ads, analytics, sheets or cloud storage, is very easy. It is also possible to merge two different sources. Thus, the data of a search engine ad that links to a landing page can be matched with its analytics data. Filtering is possible in many ways. Of all imaginable filters you can also create your own filters, in case one is missing. Here, exact processing and visualization of the data is possible.

The key figures or KPIs vary depending on the data source, but you can merge them very quickly. If a key figure does not exist, you can quickly create and integrate a formula that represents it.

Third-party data sources such as Bing or Facebook cannot be implemented by default, but must be imported via CSV. You can buy small add-ons, but these are very expensive.

2. Tableau

Tableau is not free of charge, but it is more comprehensive. Since 2012, the company has been busy making Big Data readable for everyone. The most serious difference to Data Studio is that all data of a company, no matter in which form you store it, is included in the analysis. No matter if NoSQL, JSON or other table formats – Tableau understands them. In conjunction with other data sources, such as a website, ad and customer data, meaningful analyses can be presented visually to the user. These are interactive, give instructions for optimization and above all are understandable.

To get an answer to a question, you don’t have to bother with tables and provide them with complicated filters. Thanks to natural language query and natural language processing, the program simply communicates the desired results. This is done by simply typing a question in a search field.

For example: “Age of mobile users in June in a pie chart.”

Tableau is particularly suitable here for larger companies in the IT sector, as the tool enables you to analyse and share Big Data: In other words, for large, mostly unstructured amounts of data that a single analyst can no longer keep track of.

3. Power BI

According to the Gartner Institute, Microsoft has been the leader in data analysis for more than a decade. Again, the tool does not only get website data, but likes to be fed by all kinds of data sources from the company in order to provide users with the perfect analysis reports of their company.

For a pure analysis of search engine marketing ads or an evaluation of the analysis data, this tool is simply under challenged.

Here again, Big Data is the keyword. However, if you want to monitor all areas of your company, you’re in good hands with Power BI. Creating a comprehensible digital marketing dashboard from the vast amount of data is easy with this tool as well.

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