4 Ways Content Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Brand

4 Ways Content Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Brand

Small businesses with less than $5 million in revenue tend to spend less than 5% of their budget on marketing. Mostly prefer to do in-house marketing rather than outsourcing it. So if you’re one of them, well… you’re pretty average. Most people are sceptical about the effectiveness of content marketing. In truth, not all businesses can benefit from content marketing. Professional services companies can certainly benefit from it. However, in the end, the choice rests upon you if your business needs content marketing to grow your brand or not.

A few of the reasons why a business should employ content marketing are listed down below.

  1. It helps you retain existing customers

The success of any business is retaining their customers rather than finding new ones all the time. Most businesses tend to neglect their existing customer base even though it costs way less than finding a new one. Content marketing is certainly a helpful tool here as it will keep your customers engaged and you can market your new services as well. Content marketing doesn’t just retain customers but rather builds a more loyal customer base.

  1. Content Marketing is hands down better than conventional advertising

The days of good old advertising campaigns have long gone as the market has become quite saturated. With so much advertisement around a potential customer, it has lost its effectiveness. Secondly, more people are opting for ad blockers hence even if you spend a considerable budget on ads, few of them would get through to your target audience.

Content marketing breaks through all these barriers as it’s beneficial and adds value to the customer. If you put forth good content, the audience would naturally get attracted to it. Quality content marketing blurs out the lines of education, advertisement, and entertainment. Studies have also shown that content marketing tends to bring more traffic, leads, and links as well.

  1. Content Leverages Word of Mouth – The Most Effectual Marketing Approach

Word of mouth happens in various ways through content marketing. Every share is a sort of digitalized word of mouth. As more people see your content shared by their loved one, they’ll start trusting your brand more and develop familiarity with it. Contrary to this, in advertising, you are recommending the content yourself. Therefore, chances are quite high you won’t get a really good response.

  1. Content Marketing Differentiates you from your Competition

Quality content expresses your businesses’ personality and uniqueness. It’s important that you don’t follow any rat race and create content that is truly beneficial for your audience and expresses your “brand’s voice.” Don’t hesitate on taking a stand or making a point as it helps the potential customer understand your mission and vision. You can be open on what potential changes you want to see in your industry and support your arguments avidly. In short, be yourself as everyone else is taken. You’ll see how your customers would start trusting your brand over your competitor hence generating more revenue for your business.