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Category: Digital Marketing

LinkedIn SEO: How To Optimize Your Profile & Improve Your Ranking

LinkedIn SEO

LinkedIn has made its name as the go-to professional social media platform for networking and making work-related connections. It is also very helpful for businesses looking to communicate with their target audience and increase brand awareness.

You may not realize that Google frequently crawls through LinkedIn pages as one of its most dynamic resources. This means that optimizing your organization’s and your profiles is important.

How Web Analytics Can Help Your Business Grow

Web Analytics for Business

You know how it is. You use external agency services to place advertisements, but they are not successful. Or you publish 372 blog posts on your website, which in the end do not bring any new readerships in. You give up and say: “We tried everything, but it didn’t work for us! If you feel this is you, here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be like that. 

The following article aims to convey the basics of data-driven online marketing and to give small to medium-sized companies concrete assistance in independently improving their online presence and customer acquisitions, through the use of web analytics.

Landing Page Optimisation – Your Guide To Getting Most Out Of Online Ads

Landing Page Optimisation

You are likely reading his article because you are frustrated by the lack of clear, reliable knowledge online about landing page optimisation. It can certainly be confusing when there is so much conflicting information floating around the internet. Therefore, I have created this guide to help you navigate the process.