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Google AdWords Management Services

Promote your Services cost-efficiently on Google

You would like to outsource your Google AdWords campaign management to a certified AdWords agency in order to advertise successfully on a permanent basis? I will be happy to help you with continuous support.

To ensure the lasting success of your AdWords campaigns, ongoing support and optimisation is essential. The reaction to campaigns and offers of your competitors, bid adjustments as well as seasonal peculiarities require constant analyses and subsequent measures. By outsourcing these activities you benefit from my know-how and save time and money.

Here’s a brief list of what an AdWords Campaign Management includes:

  • Continuous optimization of your campaigns
  • Analysis and reaction to competitive situation
  • Keyword maintenance
  • Ad creation in line with industry-specific requirements
  • Monthly reporting on campaign development

Your benefits

  • Cost control
  • Optimized Return on Investment through professional support
  • Save time and money by outsourcing
  • Ideas to optimize your Landing Pages based on User data

You don’t have an AdWords account? I can to set up your AdWords Campaigns! Learn more about the AdWords Setup Package.

How to qualify for my AdWords Management Services

  • You are spending at least GBP 1000 per calendar month in Google Search Ads
  • You are comfortable increasing your daily budgets if the Cost per Lead is acceptable
  • You are ready to make changes to your website and/or create new landing pages if necessary

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