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Google AdWords Management Service

I create SEA campaigns tailored to your company’s needs for online advertising with Google AdWords. Because: Search engine marketing offers you excellent opportunities to win new customers!

Place ads with exactly the search terms that drive interested customers to visit your website and encourage them to purchase your products or book your service. I draw attention to your offers and services in a targeted and effective way. You benefit from targeted campaign planning, fast implementation and free impressions. You only pay for actual clicks on your AdWords ads. I use state-of-the-art strategies to plan your campaigns in line with your online marketing goals.

Successful with SEA

Let me accelerate your business growth with a profitable AdWords campaign!

The process of campaign optimization

First, I analyze your website, products, services or offers and the search market around your target group to develop a cost-efficient and sustainable AdWords campaign. Campaign planning and bid optimization are just as much in focus as conversion optimization and the improvement of campaign performance. Of course, I am available as a competent consultant for all questions in every phase of the project.

You will receive comprehensive, reliable and competent AdWords advice – tailored to your marketing goals and needs in order to achieve the maximum return on your budget.


The advantages of AdWords are obvious

  • You can reach your target group immediately and without detours and pick them up from the search engine immediately before the purchase decision.
  • Search engine marketing offers excellent tracking and reporting capabilities so that you can only pay for relevant traffic and maximize your return on investment.
  • Optimal accessibility on the first search result page and the associated visibility and reach also strengthens your image and thus your brand in the long term.