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Digital Marketing Strategist

Reach your goals and convert more website visitors to customers


Helping you to generate more leads and sales

Serkan Fidanci - Digital Marketing Strategist

Hi! I’m Serkan Fidanci. A freelance digital marketing consultant who will enable your traffic channels and your website to generate more leads and sales. Together we shall evolve an effective strategy to optimise the conversion rate on each step of your customers journey.

Our growth strategy for your business is based on data and insights without the necessity of investing more money in PPC ads or reducing your prices. Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?

I offer consulting services for:

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The more tedious generated traffic converts, the higher are the amounts of conversions and the ROAS. To increase your websites conversion rate you need to:

  • Clarify your unique value proposition
  • Gain insights into the user behavior on your website
  • Reduce the bounce rate in every step of the conversion funnel
  • Empower your brands identity

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engines like Google are a direct connection of offer and inquiry. Because of that Google AdWords – Google‘s Advertising platform – is one of the most profitable traffic channels. I provide you with recommendations to optimise your efforts and increase your sales.

Facebook Ads

Your potential clients are on Facebook. I shall enable you to use Facebook Ads for retargeting and increasing your digital visibility.