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Get more leads and grow your business

I help entrepreneurs who struggle with getting leads and consistent clients to put together a marketing strategy to grow their business and make an impact in the world.

Marketing Strategy Plan

Let’s lay the foundation for your businesses sustainable growth. I will create a marketing strategy plan and identify marketing methods that work the best, including budget recommendations and implementation guides.

Marketing Mentorship

Let me guide you safely through the “marketing jungle”. I’ll make sure that you stay focused on what matters to attract more clients. You will receive concrete instructions from me to improve your marketing and sales systems.


Together we will identify your ideal client and develop your unique brand message. We will package your service into a full and remarkable solution so that you can charge what you are worth.

Your Marketing Strategy Consultant

Serkan Fidanci is a Marketing Expert and Small Business Strategist

He helps small businesses to get clear on their marketing strategy and plan their marketing activities. His mission is to help small business owners to build a profitable lifestyle business and make a genuine impact in the world.

Working at a marketing agency in Switzerland for 3 years, he helped 40 small businesses to increase their return on marketing investment between 20-80% to generate growth.


5 Steps to Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the special attribute that differentiates you from the competition and makes you unique, recognisable, and compelling in the eyes of the target group. In almost all industries, companies today encounter saturated markets....

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5 Tips for Creating a Marketing Plan

The final quarter of the year is ideal for planning marketing activities for the next year because, before a concrete marketing plan can be created, some things have to be prepared. ESTABLISH A PLANNING PROCESS! A great marketing plan doesn't just come out of nowhere,...

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